May 6, 2012



YOGA: Accountability? Hm. I was Supposed to post daily on my progress with this. I've been doing a Few poses daily, as you can see. Though I haven't been setting Real time aside to do more, I do have these few daily Yoga staples. Each offers some positive benefits. When I begin to ache, I will bust these moves out wherever I am to achieve relief. I was in this pose, in the ladies room at work, when someone walked in. She was very understanding, and thankfully I did not find myself, in a locked room, being asked if I was angry with my father. Besides, there are Plenty of other reasons for me to be on the lookout for them ;) Though I haven't been Trying to lose weight, I have noticed that I dropped a couple pounds. Not that noticeable on me, but it still made me feel good to know. Pants are Slightly more loose. Hopefully there will be more of this to come. If it does, I will be posting about local thrift shops because I will need a whole new wardrobe! A local thrift shop supports the Good Sheperd Alliance ( and I found some nice clothing there last month at fantastic prices. Win win! Keep in mind that I'm a BEGINNER with Yoga, and had Tons of pain over the years that I am slowly working through. So if you are in the same position, ha ha, know that you can relieve yourself of that pain too, and do some simple poses. Eventually more difficult poses as well! I had to work up to one of those above, over a week or so, by stretching daily.

JUICING & EATING RAW: My body has been the recipient of more fruits and veggies in the last few weeks than it's had the pleasure of consuming in my whole life! Again, Love my juicer! I've noticed that my skin seems softer than it was, and a few other positive benefits physically and mentally. This must have something to do with it. I now consume carrots daily and am learning what I like and don't like.  Maybe it will bring back some of those natural red highlights that used to occupy my hair where the grey now resides....One can hope :) I was told yesterday that my skin would turn orange if ate too many carrots, so maybe it can dye my hair too! This weekend I will be trying the famous carrot, beet and ginger drink. Sounds gross, but its supposed to have huge health benefits and offer some good cleansing as well. Poor roommates, we only have one bathroom. I better warn them ahead of time! I think my next post will be a list of the drink combos that I have found to be pleasing. (I haven't published this yet, and I had the drink. The only side affect was that certain bodily 'functions' now had a pink tint to them, so Don't panic if this happens to you first time beet consumers. It's Quite normal.)

INDOOR VEGGIE GARDEN: Yes, I forgot to stake the cherry tomato plant. I realize this could be a disaster, but I'm not worried. I will stake them today and I'll get tomatoes, or I won't. No big deal. The beans have been sprouting up at crazy lengths over night, as well as my radishes. I have way too much Kale popping up. I hope Vicki is ready! I have no room for Kale, Spinach and Lettuce. I planted the mint that was locally grown and purchased at Wegman's. I even made some mint tea. I will be experimenting with basil tea soon also. That plant may become very large also. Maybe Patrick can build me a huge box and we can go dig up some dirt somewhere quickly! It's been a fun experience and next year I will be better prepared. The gnat situation has been annoying though. I did some reading and decided to combine a few tips. I'm going to get some Vaseline, apply to a piece of cardboard and spread a tad of honey over it. The hope is that it will trap these nasty visitors. (Since writing this, I used a couple wooden stakes and yarn that I had laying around to support the forthcoming tomatoes. And I put out some Vaseline and honey.)

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  1. Fascinating to read all this - thought-provoking.

  2. Thank you David. I haven't been on here in a month, or two. No comments in that time either. I guess I've given up since there's no interaction. I hope all is well with you.