Feb 8, 2012

PRIVATE PRACTICE - Offering awareness & helpline info.

Controversial Nighttime Drama anyone? A lot of people don't engage in these shows.  However, This show brings Life, Love, painful and controversial issues front and center! After many of their shows, a cast member has a clip telling you what number, or hotline, to call for help. What do they address? Just about everything. In keeping with their mission, I will list help sites, for many of the problems they address, at the end of this post. 

This was an episode on rape. They did an incredible job of letting you feel the Many things a victim feels, thinks and experiences. An unforgettable episode.

Then there's mental illness and the extreme that can become of it, along with where to draw the doctor/patient line. This woman cut the doctor's baby out of her. Extreme? Yes, but you see some signs of people capable of such a horrible thing.

There are All kinds of relationships going on. Inter-racial and a soon to be divorced Woman dating a MUCH younger man. You think these things are widely accepted these days? Think again. 

Then we have a member of the staff/family who's addicted to drugs. In one episode we see what an intervention is like. And this addict fell in love with a guy during a binge who dies in the process. Very powerful.

In a recent episode they dealt with rape in the service. (Oddly enough, I JUST saw a CNN article on that Very subject. It stated that 19,000 people are raped, in the service, each year.) These people are bringing awareness to some very serious issues. Some may not be that serious, but controversial. They make you think and they make you feel. THAT is a show. THOSE are fine actors. 

Kudos to the Private Practice team!

Online sexual abuse hotline. Get help online!

Drug and alcohol addiction help. 
Call, email or enter your address for information.

And a list of mental health resources.

Feel free to comment below. I don't believe you need an account to do so. Love to hear what others think!

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