Oct 29, 2011


Sinful whispers looming, lost,
transgressing mind, heart & thought

Power raging, battles rise,
demons thriving, angels cry

Dark & light, we sway about,
side to side, now way out.

Beaten, battered by the wind,
screams of pain, from deep within.

Body arching, thrust in rage,
to my knees, my Lord I praise!

Blazing light rushes in,
warm & loving, weakend limbs.

Bowed in awe, I raise my hand,
to loving whispers of, "I Am".

As a doe in early morn',
feeling alive, renewed, reborn.

Still on pastures rippling with life
void of pain sorrow & strife.

I take a moment just to breathe
and feel God's loving hold on me

Knowing well what lies ahead
more sinful whispers preying the dead.

Oct 28, 2011

THE KISS by Kym Harrison

The air between us seemed to shift, 
as gently he moved toward my lips.
Eyelids drowsing, near to close, 
hypnotized me to my toes.
Skin to skin, soul to soul, 
the world around us was no more.

Oct 27, 2011

THE MOZART EFFECT (Smarter babies?)

Did you know this is a real thing? That listening to Mozart, or most classical music, can Actually make you smarter? This subject has been heavily debated, and experiments are ongoing. The general consensus is that there is a positive affect on spatial–temporal tasks. Paper-pencil mazes were tested and completed faster after listening to Mozart, and other positive effects were found. But it all seems to be related to short-term memory. Not turning low IQ persons into geniuses. In any case, there is truth that this type of music has a positive affect on body, mind and spirit, in some fashion.
Remembering this, I revamped some of my presets in my car today on classical settings. I realize that I can spare precious little brain power at this point in my life, and so every little thing Could help! Plus it makes me calmer when I’m driving. Being from NJ originally, this is a good thing. 

I learned of the affects of classical music, on the brain, when I had my first baby. I played classical music for them at bedtime, naptime and various other times. They Are smart kids, who tend to excel in music. DNA Is also on their side with all the musical talent down both lines.  I would venture to guess that hearing the music, from such a young age, helped to enhance their gifts. However, nothing can replace good study skills and discipline. 
But if you are into healthy living, it might be a good thing to add to your list. So don't forget a little Bach, or Beethoven with the organic Broccoli....


Mom and I were not as close as I would have liked, most of my life, but we always had the piano. As a young child, mom gave me lessons. I was not her best student as sitting for that long, in one place, was quite a challenge for me. I would go to bed and it was concert time. Mom would have at it. I remember the soothing classical pieces and the tunes from The sting. They were some of my favorite. I would sneak out of my room and make a request now and then. Eventually I stopped lessons. I’m not sure if she gave up on trying to tie me to the bench, or I just refused in my stubborn, spoiled rotten way.  Time went by, pre-teen to teen years came along and the battles ensued. To say we didn’t get along would be a huge understatement. At this point though, I was capable of buying my own sheet music and muddling through. I'll show her. I don't need anyone to tell me what to do. I was not interested in any more scales, metronomes or classical crap. I wanted to learn songs that I knew and liked. It also made it easier because I automatically learned by memorizing what I played. This was helpful since I could not read music. 
F A C E was my home. By the time I deciphered one measure, another person, who could read the music, would have played the whole song. But there was always something I didn’t know. Then came the occasional shout out to the kitchen. “Mom, can you come here? I’m not sure what this means..”. She would sit just long enough to tell me what I needed to know and move on. She was learning…Didn’t want to be next to the hormonal teenager for too long. I could snap her head off at any moment. Then came the grunts from the kitchen when my lead foot was Laying on the pedal. I remember hearing those same grunts in the car with mom during Those lessons too.  
Mom’s piano was to go to my older sister, upon moms passing. I used to beg her to change it to me. I don’t know if mom understood why, but I think she did. I loved hearing her play. Even through the tough years I would come sit down and listen. When I was mad, I didn’t make my interest as known. I would pretend to eat a sandwich in the kitchen, or clean something. The cleaning may have tipped her off. I didn’t do that without a gun to my head. 

Later in life, mom and I became closer. Unfortunately, when this began she was diagnosed with Dementia. We lost mom last year, to a terrible disease. She even passed on my birthday. My niece comforted me in the thought that it was her gift to me knowing how badly I wanted her set free from this terrible disease. When the codicil was read, tears came as I saw that she left the piano to me. I guess mom also knew that it was our bridge.

Oct 26, 2011


With heart in hand I bowed to you,
sobbing, seathing aching fire.
You cast your spear and off it flew
while grasping for you from the pyre.

Leaps and bounds I raise my sword,
slit my throat as I drew
Nothing measured, nothing scored
the blade so mighty meant for you.

In the dust of my despair,
you flaunt a victor's swagger
I ached to find you unaware,
blood dripping from your dagger.

Wiping drops of my own blood
with tears upon the ground,
My heart beat one last thud,
for the love I never found.

With heart in hand I bow to you,
my knight in shining armor
hard and long the days I grew,
because of you I'm stronger.


I created a profile on a dating site and read part of it to my daughter. She half smiled at me and said, "So you aren't REALLY trying to attract any men, right?" lol. Here is part of what I wrote in the 'I'm really good at...' section" 

"I'm really good at Ignoring and laughing at insane people when they start going off the deep end about things that are just not that important. So if you have an anger problem expect to be laughed at and ridiculed horribly, and I will be sure to lock up all the sharp objects. I'm also very good at laughing at myself. I do it a LOT! I seem to trip over things quite often. You know, like the napkin on the floor, in the restaurant, or the piece of toilet paper that just sailed off someone's shoe in front of me. Really, I'm not kidding. LOL. So if you embarrass easily, just look the other way, pretend you don't know me and I'll meet you out back. It seems to work for my friends."

The other night I went to see my son play at battle of the bands. He was following me out the door and told me to stop. Of course I almost tripped trying to stop myself from walking. Why did he stop me? Because he had to remove the napkin that was trailing off the back of my shoe. I wasn't on a date, but my ex-husband was also trailing behind with his girlfriend.I thought of my profile and laughed so hard. And my blog name of Daily Dribbles should be becoming a bit more clear...There Will be more of this :)

The Planted Stone by Kym Harrison

Kindred is the rising sun
with a love that's just begun.

Kindred is the howling wind,
to the soul riddled in sin.

Kindred is the spackling rain,
with the haunting of your name.

Kindred is the raging sea,
to the heart born of deceipt.

Kindred is the silent storm,
with the broken left to mourn.

Kindred is the way of life,
with love, joy, pain and strife.

Kindred are the earth and moon,
to all who hate, love and swoon.

Kindred is the planted stone,
to death, and love unknown.

Regurgitating Education

My daughter graduated 2 years ago and my son is a senior this year. Yesterday he and I had a discussion about things he’s learning. He said, “Everything I’ve been learning in H.S. is just regurgitation of what I learned up through 4th grade.” Oddly, my daughter once said the Same thing! THEN…last night my daughter and her boyfriend come over. He’s talking about college. He says that It’s easy because everything you learn is just regurgitated from H.S. REALLY? How disappointing. So I say Have at it home schooling parents! Your children will probably be more challenged and better educated than those of ours in the public school systems.

June 2008: Kids say the darndest things

One more oldie: I was sitting on the couch talking to my daughter one night. Suddenly, one of the words I said came out as jiberish. Did I swallow my tongue? As any teenager would do, she looked at me like I was insane. I laughed at my stammer and said, "Jeez, I'm regressing, I'm loosing my speech, and lately I've been talking with more of the Jersey accent I lost a long time ago....Soon I will be talking like a baby, then I'll be in diapers and you'll be taking care of me"!! lol. Of course I was told what she would do to me when That happens. We'll skip over that part. :) My 15 year old son walked in, and she said, "Austin, would you rather change your moms diapers, or change your babies diapers"? He immediately said "I'd rather have my mom change my babies diapers" hee hee. Smart kid :)

Daily Dribbles

For those of you who know me....Um, my one follower, Leslie (lol) the title of this blog is self explanatory. Other future followers will see why, and soon picture me in their heads wearing a full apron, whether I'm at work, shopping or even in bed. Full body armor seems to be in my near future as well.