Oct 26, 2011

Regurgitating Education

My daughter graduated 2 years ago and my son is a senior this year. Yesterday he and I had a discussion about things he’s learning. He said, “Everything I’ve been learning in H.S. is just regurgitation of what I learned up through 4th grade.” Oddly, my daughter once said the Same thing! THEN…last night my daughter and her boyfriend come over. He’s talking about college. He says that It’s easy because everything you learn is just regurgitated from H.S. REALLY? How disappointing. So I say Have at it home schooling parents! Your children will probably be more challenged and better educated than those of ours in the public school systems.


  1. Very, very interesting post. I have a million thoughts on public education and on college. But you really summed it up.

  2. Yes. They are an unattended waste! :) Well, maybe not ALL professions.