Oct 26, 2011


I created a profile on a dating site and read part of it to my daughter. She half smiled at me and said, "So you aren't REALLY trying to attract any men, right?" lol. Here is part of what I wrote in the 'I'm really good at...' section" 

"I'm really good at Ignoring and laughing at insane people when they start going off the deep end about things that are just not that important. So if you have an anger problem expect to be laughed at and ridiculed horribly, and I will be sure to lock up all the sharp objects. I'm also very good at laughing at myself. I do it a LOT! I seem to trip over things quite often. You know, like the napkin on the floor, in the restaurant, or the piece of toilet paper that just sailed off someone's shoe in front of me. Really, I'm not kidding. LOL. So if you embarrass easily, just look the other way, pretend you don't know me and I'll meet you out back. It seems to work for my friends."

The other night I went to see my son play at battle of the bands. He was following me out the door and told me to stop. Of course I almost tripped trying to stop myself from walking. Why did he stop me? Because he had to remove the napkin that was trailing off the back of my shoe. I wasn't on a date, but my ex-husband was also trailing behind with his girlfriend.I thought of my profile and laughed so hard. And my blog name of Daily Dribbles should be becoming a bit more clear...There Will be more of this :)

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