Oct 26, 2011

June 2008: Kids say the darndest things

One more oldie: I was sitting on the couch talking to my daughter one night. Suddenly, one of the words I said came out as jiberish. Did I swallow my tongue? As any teenager would do, she looked at me like I was insane. I laughed at my stammer and said, "Jeez, I'm regressing, I'm loosing my speech, and lately I've been talking with more of the Jersey accent I lost a long time ago....Soon I will be talking like a baby, then I'll be in diapers and you'll be taking care of me"!! lol. Of course I was told what she would do to me when That happens. We'll skip over that part. :) My 15 year old son walked in, and she said, "Austin, would you rather change your moms diapers, or change your babies diapers"? He immediately said "I'd rather have my mom change my babies diapers" hee hee. Smart kid :)

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