Oct 29, 2011


Sinful whispers looming, lost,
transgressing mind, heart & thought

Power raging, battles rise,
demons thriving, angels cry

Dark & light, we sway about,
side to side, now way out.

Beaten, battered by the wind,
screams of pain, from deep within.

Body arching, thrust in rage,
to my knees, my Lord I praise!

Blazing light rushes in,
warm & loving, weakend limbs.

Bowed in awe, I raise my hand,
to loving whispers of, "I Am".

As a doe in early morn',
feeling alive, renewed, reborn.

Still on pastures rippling with life
void of pain sorrow & strife.

I take a moment just to breathe
and feel God's loving hold on me

Knowing well what lies ahead
more sinful whispers preying the dead.

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