Nov 1, 2011


A coworker and I ordered pizza one day. It took over an hour to get here. Afterward, they called me back to say the next pizza's are on them. Yippy! Today we decided to take them up on that offer. We were discussing the name of the place, which I got All wrong. She comically commented that I should just call a bunch of pizza joints till I find one that gives me free pizza. Then I got on the net, to get their phone number and made the call. I was told that the manager was out on a delivery and would be back in 15 min. I explained the situation and that I'm calling to cash in on the offer. He took my number to have the mgr call me back. I thought it was odd that the manager was male, as originally I spoke with a female, but maybe there are 2 managers.... Sometime went by with no return call. Back to their web page for the number. I BUSTED out laughing when I saw that I called THE WRONG PLACE!! I just had to tell my coworkers what I had done. The response was that I must have taken her seriously about finding free pizza anywhere. As I sit here eating my pizza from the Right place, I wonder why the wrong place had not called me back. Hmm. That is Not good customer service. Maybe I should call and complain about That. I think I see more free pizza in my future.... 

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  1. OK, the ending of this post IS HILARIOUS!!!

    Love love love this story. The way it all happened was too perfect.