Nov 1, 2011


I'm guessing a lot of you saw the story of a husband, pregnant wife and their two year old child who were separated over a $5.00 freaking sandwich. Breaking it down for those who did Not hear, they Just moved to a new town and were famished. They went looking for a grocery store and found a Safeway. While shopping, they ate the sandwiches and held onto the labels for checkout. They checked out, but completely forgot to pay for the sandwiches. They get called back in, explained they forgot and tried to pay. Instead of accepting the money, the Obvious mistake and being DECENT, the police were called, the couple was arrested and social services took the 2 year old girl who remained separated from them for about 18 hours. I was SOOO fired up about this and telling my coworker. She stated that she would basically cause physical harm if they tried to take her child. LoL. ME TOO!! This poor couple. I was ranting about how Easy it is to do that and that most people have done that at some point in their lives, inadvertently. I thought about this couple tonight when I went to 7-Eleven. I had $5 cash for a pack of cigarettes, but decided I wanted a lottery ticket. Bought the lottery ticket with the cash and went to use the debit card for the cigs. It was declined. Yikes! What did I do with that account? No idea. I told the cashier that I was running to the bank and would be right back. "OK". Ran to the bank, got back in the car and Freaked out!!! There sat the cigarettes that I NEVER paid for, on my car seat. "AAAAAHHH!" I didn't know if I should laugh or start ducking from any cops......I ran Back to the store and paid for them. I asked the cashier if he realized that I left with them and he said he did not, till later on. See??? It HAPPENS. I happen to know the owner of this particular store so I was not concerned about arrest, but after that headline story, I suppose that I should have been worried. What in the World are people thinking!? Having this couple arrested over an honest mistake, resulting in their CHILD being taken from them. Over a lousy $5 Sandwich!! This poor woman said that she remained calm so that her child didn't get freaked out, but after she was taken, the woman went straight to the restroom and got sick over it. I'm not big on suing people, but I hope they can find some way to sue the pants off that store! At the very least, I hope Safeway does Something to make this better. Oh, and they were apparently banned from shopping there for some great length of time too. Grrrrr.

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