Nov 1, 2011


In my experience, each parent means something different to us. Mom's post, on The Piano, The Bridge, was my tie to her. The sea was my tie to my dad (Blog still to come). I loved them both in different ways, and for different reasons. I always thought that I loved my father more. As an adult, I'm learning that the relationships with each didn't mean that I loved one more than the other. I thought I loved dad more because he brought out the love in me more and mom 'seemed' to bring out the anger. And I know I brought out hers in my teen years. But the truth is that the love flowed the same for both.
 We just learn to relate to people, on a certain level, because of each personality and individual emotional makeup. So each relationship blends into something different. But at the core of them, especially with our parents, is nonetheless love, and love is simply love. At it's core, it is not different, less or more. It is always the same. It's the fears embedded in each of us that creates the illusion of a different kind of love. So embrace each person that you 'feel' love for, regardless of what you 'think' the 'relationship' is about. The bottom line is Always the love.

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