Nov 2, 2011



How many times have you made a call,
or written an email, to complain about bad service? 
OK....Now how many times have you made a call, or written an email, to praise someone's outstanding service?
That's what I thought.  (Whew! I'm not alone)

One of my recent blogs got me thinking. How have I gone all these years and not bothered to write One letter, or make One call to a manager and let them know about an employee who really stepped up, or gave me great service? OK, I’m sure I’ve done that here and there, but not enough to really brag, or blog (lol) about.

Not to make excuses, but there seems to be a real problem, in recent years, with actually experiencing great service. It seems to be especially bleak where I live. However, after calling the manager at the KIA dealership, and telling him about one outstanding employee, I’ve become more alert. Instead of expecting horrible service and complaining about it, I am remembering to praise people. Even when someone is being extremely polite, it Stands out to me! That should Not go without commendation either. How hard is it to at Least speak to a manager? Not hard at all, as I've recently learned. My next venture is to start sending emails.

Today my polite police target was a young Wal-Mart Pharmacy employee.  (Insert loud siren) I was greeted, over the phone, by someone who sounded like a teenager. However, this girl was Extremely nice And helpful. I had to call back and speak with the Pharmacist about something else, and I let Him know that she was terrific. He seemed very pleased. I’ve had a few people, write, or call in, over the years, to let my managers know how well I served them. People don’t seem to take the time to do this anymore and that has Got to stop! Maybe we are all so focused on the bad, and comforted in complaining, that we don’t really recognize the good anymore. We just expect it, and complain when we don't get it. In the Wal-Mart case, she was just being genuinely polite, and offered to hand me over to the pharmacist for something she couldn't answer. But just being nice can make ALL the difference in the world. So many people are rude when dealing with the public. Also, keeping your job isn’t as easy as it used to be, with the economy as it is. There’s always someone standing in line to take it away from you, and employers know this. So step up and report good service. Help someone keep their job. It will brighten your day and may bring you some good karma along the way.

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