Feb 9, 2012


Private Practice Grey's Anatomy Crossover next week.
Tonight there was a lot of drug addiction and cancer battles. A mother with cancer not able to tell her son she will die, but was left given some hope. Her doctor, Amelia, wants her brother, Derick, from Grey's anatomy, to operate on her terminal brain tumor. Hence the 2 hour special next week with my other love, G.A. On the side a teenager brings in a baby saying it is hers. Come to find out that it's her mother's and mom is a drug addict who disappeared. Mom left them, checked into a hotel for a week and got clean on her own. This family struggle is emotional. Sam, a doctor, had a sister show up who is also a drug addict. A lot of attention to this topic. It's informative and brings out the real emotions for many who get taken along for the difficult ride, as well as the addicts painful ride. 

On a personal note, I know someone going through this right now, who is currently receiving help and getting clean, and I pray that he stays that way. I hear it takes a miracle. Praying for and expecting one now.

As always, here are some contact numbers if you, or someone you know, is in need. Don't wait! Call, or click, now!

Online sexual abuse hotline. Get help online!

Drug and alcohol addiction help. 
Call, email or enter your address for information.

And a list of mental health resources.

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  1. Speaking of addicts, you might want to call one of these numbers for your TV addiction... :)

    Hey don't be mad. I fully admit that I have a food additction. But I like my addiction and won't get help for it. I'm sure that's one of the stages... Denial. Refusal. Something.

    1. TV addiction? I think we need to add Facebook & blogging Before TV! lol And I would Never expect you get help for eating. :) I'm jealous that you can do that and still look great! My gut resembles every food that passes these lips! And I LOVE donuts. I'm just saying... Thank you so much for reading these! AND commenting. :) You rock.