Oct 27, 2011

THE MOZART EFFECT (Smarter babies?)

Did you know this is a real thing? That listening to Mozart, or most classical music, can Actually make you smarter? This subject has been heavily debated, and experiments are ongoing. The general consensus is that there is a positive affect on spatial–temporal tasks. Paper-pencil mazes were tested and completed faster after listening to Mozart, and other positive effects were found. But it all seems to be related to short-term memory. Not turning low IQ persons into geniuses. In any case, there is truth that this type of music has a positive affect on body, mind and spirit, in some fashion.
Remembering this, I revamped some of my presets in my car today on classical settings. I realize that I can spare precious little brain power at this point in my life, and so every little thing Could help! Plus it makes me calmer when I’m driving. Being from NJ originally, this is a good thing. 

I learned of the affects of classical music, on the brain, when I had my first baby. I played classical music for them at bedtime, naptime and various other times. They Are smart kids, who tend to excel in music. DNA Is also on their side with all the musical talent down both lines.  I would venture to guess that hearing the music, from such a young age, helped to enhance their gifts. However, nothing can replace good study skills and discipline. 
But if you are into healthy living, it might be a good thing to add to your list. So don't forget a little Bach, or Beethoven with the organic Broccoli....

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