Apr 24, 2012


Click on this link for a video of The Wild at their H.S. 
Talent show, with my son on drums.

The Wild. Here they are at battle of the bands in April.

 They all really have fun with this. Austin loves music and wants to be a producer someday. 
I have all the faith in the world that he will be a huge success. 
This is their facebook page:

Not sure what happened with the sound on this one. 
And NOT steady at all. I must have been dancing. 
I know Jake came over and hugged me, which threw me off balance. Jake is in a previous blog playing Release. 
A great tune that he wrote. 
Another Mighty talented teen. But back to The Wild.

Proud of my son.

This is a friend of their's who is Amazing! He wrote this.

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