Apr 20, 2012


Do you have chronic back pain & health problems? Don't frown. Turn upside down!

When I was very young, I had a lot of health problems. They got better over time. Then post children, at about 42 years old, I began to notice a steady decline in my health. For sometime I've been working on my mind. My thoughts. Changing that pattern of negative thinking, which science has proven to have degenerative effects on the body. Little by little I've been learning proper focus. Recently I realized that being in pain 24/7, at 46 years old, was not only NOT normal, but creating a yo-yo effect with my mind, body balance. I can train myself to think more positively and gain some good results with it, but if I ignore my body's needs, it's all for nothing. Enter some simple yoga. This was going fairly well, though routine wasn't fully established. That's OK! I've learned not to beat myself up over supposed 'failures'. Accept and keep moving forward at whatever pace you are on. I noticed that a couple simple yoga stances would have a lasting affect on my entire day. Hmmm. Since I became less disciplined at setting time aside for this, I began doing a few of these in the shower. But BE CAREFUL!! Only simple stretches. This combined with the energy of water flowing proved even more effective. 

During this time, a conversation with a neighbor led her to offering me a book by Markus Rothdranz. The Go Raw guy. My focus has been on better health, so its seems natural that I now attracted this information. And after all, what we put Into our bodies is just as important as what goes Out of our bodies. Meaning our thoughts. So I seemed to be on a complete mind, body healing path. I bought a juicer and am now feeding my body a lot more life! Yes, our bodies are alive and they need Living fuel! Not dead processed products which weigh us down, deplete our bodily and mental functions and yes, cause disease! Anything outside the produce aisle, in a grocery store, is what keeps the doctors in business! So feed the doctors, or feed yourself. Your choice. 

As for inversion. Backing up to my first statement on this blog.....I remembered something that used to aleiviate my back pain. I would lay, face down, off the side of my bed. Hips right at the edge and hands/head to the floor. This would allow my spine to stretch out and give me Hours of relief! I did this last night and I woke up without pain and noticed that I was sitting up straight at my computer naturally and comfortably. Not something I usually do. Maybe all those years of gymnastics helped me during the healthier time of my life. After all, I spent a LOT of time upside down and airborne.

"If you would seek health, first look to the spine."

 I believe it was Socrates who said that. The brain is your control center and where do you think the instructions of your mind are sent? Yes, to the spine. The nervous system. It's all connected. There are many ways of healing the spine, but inversion is very helpful. I have had a lot of lower back pain, along with other areas of pain throughout my body. My spine could stretch out and relieve all the pressure between the vertebrae. The rush of blood to the brain has so many positive health benefits as well. On a side note, I just learned that we have 32 teeth and 32 vertebrae. Now THAT is interesting information. And they are connected. Well, isn't every part of us. I've also recently learned that you can tell what organs are suffering, in your body, by looking at your face. Each area of your face is connected with a major organ and reflects it's health whether there are spots, pimples, 'barnacles', lines puffiness etc. Our bodies are amazing. Your skin is the largest organ you have and it will tell you the truth about your health! 

So I continue on my path of finding healthy balance between mind, body and spirit. I love that people are really paying attention to that and finding natural ways of healing. Many have success when modern medicine fails. So many things, most of all the 'junk' in the food we eat, is being exposed in the light. The light of a great desire for better health. There are still people, on parts of this planet, who live to be well over 100 and are healthy! These people don't have access to all the processed food We eat, or modern health care, but they do have access to raw and natural food. Imagine that!

So my advice is to feed your body with live food, your mind with loving thoughts and your spirit with love, which will also nourish your mind and body.

God bless!

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