Mar 5, 2012


In all walks of life people tout about goals. It drives people. I suppose it works for me in sales. My daughter even put together a list of goals on a white board and has recruited her boyfriend and I into her shenanigans. Goals. Ick! Why do they irritate me?! Maybe because it means that I now HAVE to do something. It's suddenly not optional. Shouldn't everything be optional. Her boyfriend liked it and so I reluctantly agreed. As a stretch, I put down that I would do T'ai Chi twice a week. "Set the goals small and attainable.", Patrick said. I like him :) I did T'ai Chi once, before the board came into play. No I didn't get credit for that one time since the month hadn't started. Rip off! While I was at work today, I noticed this picture, which is on my computer desktop.
I also have it on my desktop at home. Something to Remind me to attain peace, hence the T'ai Chi. Well.....I decided to twist myself into a pretzel instead of working on simple moves to improve circulation and the natural flow of energy. OK. So I can't Exactly twist myself into a pretzel yet, but after my first set of yoga stances, I'm here to tell you (And thank God I'm still here) that I FEEL like a pretzel in the making. When I was a young lass, THIS was Nothing for me to do. And the beach is where I spent most of my time doing it. That's where I learned my side aireal. If you can do That in Sand, you can do it Anywhere! 
Now, you ask...? Hmmm. I'm Lucky if I can do This simple move, which is no harder than tying your shoe laces, and not wind up in traction!
 But that's OK. I've started a Yoga board. You've heard of Vision Boards...? Well, I'm creating a Yoga Board. The pictures are a mix of things I can do now, to some I will work up to and others that I simply DREAM of doing someday. I've never been one to stick with anything, so I'm putting this out into the world for a sense of accountability. If anyone sees this, yeah right, then just maybe I will feel some obligation to forge on toward my dream. 

So there we have it. In a recent blog I was baffled about what I was to become, when I grow up. Well folks, and by 'folks' I mean Leslie, if She even reads this, when I grow up, I hope to become a Human Pretzel. The gauntlet has been thrown down! That counts, right?

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