Mar 4, 2012


A fellow blogger was once talking about her future self and blogging. I thought that was great. After all, if you don't delete your account this can be here forever! How great to look back and see everything you've been doing, going through and sharing. I've just been randomly posting things on my mind. I notice that a lot of people have specific blogs dedicated to politics, frugal living, fundraising and such. Heck, I have a whole blog just for trivia. Plug time :) lol. Visit me and play! Kind of a break from life's craziness. So this will be my journal going forward. The life and times of Kym. How interesting could That be? I don't know, but it will be fun to look back on, in years to come, and see where I've been and Hopefully how I've grown.

Let the fun begin!

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