Mar 6, 2012


In the spirit of accountability, I'm going to write each day, or two, about my progress. Obviously I can't be doing these stretches everyday, as today my body is saying to me, "ENOUGH! What have you done to me?". There are muscles I forgot I even had screaming at me today. It's like they've been in a deep and tranquil sleep for....oh...about 25 years! Well I'd be pretty pissed off if someone pulled me out of my quiet slumber for that long too. So I just yell back, "Shut up! It's for your own good." Not going over well yet, but with time and love I hope to encounter a little less rebellion from Muscle. I'm not one to turn swiftly toward pills and medication. However, today I am willingly enlisting the help of my old friend, Advil. Advil and I are going to team up until Muscle learns her place and stops whining at me. Especially the part of Muscle who resides up and down either side of my spine and across my shoulders. 

Today I will print more pictures for my vision board. Luckily I haven't filled it all in yet. Having experienced a mild amount of pain from day one, I will need to choose the rest of my poses a bit more wisely. I think Pretzel stage may be just a Little further out than I first hoped. But that's OK. Each day I take a new step toward that goal.

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